The hotel Guatika is located in the upper part of the hill that gives it the name, surrounded by the extraordinary beauty of nature.
Already on the doorstep of this wonderful hotel in Tibasosa (Boyacá) is clearly perceived a particular atmosphere, warm and intimate, relaxing and welcoming. An atmosphere that conveys the feeling of being in a cabin, where every detail is taken care of with passion, where each space deserves to be discovered.

We want you to enjoy both our charming hotel and the other services of the Guatika family, so with the accommodation we give you a delicious breakfast that gives you the energy to walk around the zoo, as we also give you for free the general bracelet that Includes the full tour of the zoo, or if you prefer we offer you a great discount on the Plus and Platinum extreme attractions tickets so you do not miss a thing.

As we want each moment to be unique we have personalized decoration service for special moments, we want you to have the best memory of your night in Guatika.

Suite Amor Eterno (Eternal Love)





The Eternal Love Suite is a spectacular room with jacuzzi, fireplace, bathroom cabin, mini room, queen bed, television and heating panel. It is room preferred by the couples who make their marriage in Guatika

Room La Cosecha 



It has 4 bedrooms , living room , kitchen, 2 bathrooms, fireplace in the main room , jacuzzi , and a balcony where you will find the best view of the region.


Room La Labranza




Room MiraValles



It is a spectacular room with Jacuzzi , fireplace , walk-in bath , mini room ,Queen bed and sofa bed.



Room Roble( Oak cabins)



It’s a simple but cozy room. Accommodation in cabins, queen bed, living room and DirecTV .


Camping Zone

With the accommodation we give you a delicious breakfast and the general zoo ticket for free, if you prefer we offer you a great discount in plus and platinum tickets.

There are an outside toilets battery


Additionally, we have a “a la carte” restaurant where you will find the weekend a daily menu at very low cost , cafeteria and booths to provide good service.



Phone: +57 3108892067 ó +57 3185720136

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