NIK_5267PHEASANT: It is a species of bird in the family Phasianidae galliforme native to Asia, living on the prairies and forests. its size is medium has a long tail, the male differs from the female mainly by their plumage, the female has a slightly less flashy plumage than the male. The male reaches reach a length of about 90 Cm while the female reaches only 54 cm. The weight of the male is more with reference to female pheasants feed primarily on grasses, small animals, corn, wheat. For reproduction, the female lays about 12 eggs and incubation lasts about 24 days the chicks leave the nest once they are born. (There are about 25 species)

Types of phasant

• blue-backed Pheasant
• Pheasant Chinese ring
• Kansas Pheasant
• common Pheasant
• Pheasant silvestrea